8 simple techniques to cleanse your crystals

Clearing crystals helps bring them back to their original energetic state. It is a way to re-calibrate the stone and clear the energy it holds. When you get a new crystal, it is important to clear them of any negative energy they may have picked up from being touched or from any intentions they have previously been charged with.

It is a good idea to cleanse crystals as soon as you get them and to attune them to your own energy. Crystals may have been handled by numerous people in a shop or on their way to you and may have picked up energy which is misaligned to yours along the way.

It is also important to also re-cleanse the crystal if you have used them for healing other people as the crystal will have absorbed energies in the healing that the person needed to release. Similarly, if other people have since touched them it is also a good idea to recharge and cleanse your crystals.

If crystals are left in a drawer or never touched,they will not be as powerful so it is important to cleanse and reactivate them again when you plan to use them. Read on to find out some easy techniques you can use to recharge your crystals and keep their energy clean and clear.


This is a very easy way to cleanse the crystal. Place the crystals under running water for a few minutes with the intention of cleansing and recharging them. You can also cleanse them in naturally occurring springs, in the sea. Just be sure to only use this method with hard crystals which are able to be placed in water as some soft crystals such as Selenite (which is already self-cleaning) or Kyanite will start to dissolve when placed in water.


You can cleanse crystals by putting them back in the earth, either by placing them in soil outside if it is not scheduled to rain or by burying them in some earth in a plant pot. You can do this for a short period of time overnight or for a week or more. To do a deep cleansing do this from one new moon until the next new moon. Just be sure to remember where you have buried them! 😊

Crystal cleansing

Crystals can be cleansed by using other cleansing crystals. Many crystals are cleansing stones such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite. Placing your stones directly inside of Selenite bowls or on top of Selenite slabs will re-calibrate the stones energies. Keeping unpolished Amethyst near other crystals will also help to recharge them.


Crystals can be cleansed and restored to their natural energy by smoking with cleansing herbs and wood such as Sage, Palo Santo or Sandalwood. Move the crystal back and forth through the cleansing smoke for a couple of minutes with the intention of clearing out negative energies.

Sound cleansing

Sound waves can be used for healing and to clear spaces and things of negative energies. In the same way you can use sound to cleanse and recharge your crystals. You can use a singing bowl, tuning forks or bells held near the crystals. Do this for a few minutes at a time.


Salt is used as a method of absorbing and banishing negative energy. Submerge the crystals in a bowl of salt crystals and leave them overnight to remove any negative energies and recharge the crystals. Be sure to throw away the salt after its been used once and do not reuse it as it will be holding onto the negative energies removed from the crystals. This method again works better or hard crystals rather than porous ones.


Leave your crystals in direct sunlight to charge and cleanse them with the sun’s potent energy. Leave the crystals in the sunlight for anything from a few minutes to hours but be sure to check on whether your crystal is ok to be left in the sun as some crystals such as Amethyst will fade when exposed to sunlight for too long.


In the same way as using sunlight you can also cleanse your crystals with moonlight, this is especially potent if you under the moonlight of a full moon. Place your crystals outside if you there is no forecast of rain and leave them overnight directly under the moonlight.

Once you have fully cleansed your crystals they can then become better attuned to your own energy. Spend time holding the crystals to awaken and activate them and feel any vibrations that come from the crystal, allow them to connect with and attune to your own energy. Set any intentions you have for your crystals and programme them with these thoughts. Crystals possess their own consciousness, so it is important to handle your crystals and set your intentions with care and love.

Image by TessaMannonen from Pixabay


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