Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient technique used for relaxation, stress reduction, to promote self-healing and create a positive approach to harnessing the body’s natural energy.

This non-invasive treatment works by connecting to our universal life force or vitality, to clear negative energy and dis-ease; bringing you back into harmony on every level; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Everyone can benefit from Energy Healing or Reiki treatments. You do not have to have an illness to have energy treatments. Anyone who wants to alleviate stress can benefit from energy healing.


What can I expect from a session?

Each treatment is unique to the individual. New clients will receive a consultation and short questionnaire prior to treatment to assess your requirements for the session(s). Clients can experience a range of sensations during a session such as heat, cold, tingling sensations or seeing colours. Most people will experience a sense of relaxation during treatment.


                  Reiki Well-being Sessions 


Reiki sessions will be provided according to your requirements to promote general wellness and life balance. During the session we can work on stress relief, emotional well-being and general energy cleansing to help your mind and body cope with everyday life, stresses, and demands.

   Chakra Balancing Sessions 

These sessions will have a specific focus on rebalancing the seven main chakra energy points in our body. During a Chakra Balancing Session we will work on balancing the flow of energy through each of the chakras and remove blockages. If your chakras are balanced, in most cases you feel balanced, more positive and lighter.


Distance Reiki

 At the moment all Reiki energy healing will be done via distance healing methods. Distance healing is possible because energy is not confined so it can be transmitted anywhere much like radio waves or Wi-Fi. This would involve us connecting at a specific pre-agreed date and time.

Distant Reiki Treatments

45 min session // £30.00

(includes post session email with session information)


**Treatments must be pre-paid prior to the scheduled session.

A 50% fee will apply if cancellation of the appointment is less than 24 hr notice.

 Please email me to arrange your distance healing session.